Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fearless Photography

Untitled: By ccgoldendreamer, November 7, 2010.

I loved this photograph the moment I saw it and my Flickr contact, ccgoldendreamer, kindly gave me permission to post the image on my blog. It's a wonderful example of how we see with our camera...the result is a beautiful reflected pattern and a shimmering abstract. I was also intrigued by her comment, "This entire building is brilliant . . . . a brilliant copper color & yields some of the best reflections ever. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, photography of it is . . . erm . . . 'frowned upon', as I found out last time I was there." Evidently security doesn't like people photographing their building and my friend worried they might confiscate her memory card, happily they didn't. She did not mention its location.

There is nothing so joyous as being out with a camera and every once in awhile we are reminded what a powerful piece of equipment we carry with us.


  1. Wonderful pic and interesting thougth...

  2. Oh my~absolutely incredible! This photo is......cant even think of words to describe! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Maria ~ I really love it too...are you familiar with her work on Flickr?

    Rain ~ I thought so too, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Clicking on the photo will take you to ccgoldendreamer's Flickr stream. Thanks for stopping by!


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