Friday, March 18, 2011

Blooming Inside #2

Focus on a stream of sunlight in the parlor, viewed through the gentle arch of a phalaenopis.

A similar view with the focus on the petals and the parlor window beyond.

We will be gone for awhile, busy with family matters. Hopefully spring will soon arrive for everyone...and perhaps there will be a few signs in Maine when we return!


  1. I love the whole series but the last pic with this amazing light on the petals is magical...

  2. Love the last photo best as well-although all are beautiful! Have a wonderful trip~~spring is in the air and hopefully will be in "full bloom" when you get back home!! Not necessarily full bloom outdoors! -but much warmer and more snow gone!!

  3. Maria ~ Thank you! It has been such a long winter and ages since I photographed flowers...I had forgotten how much fun it was!

    Rain ~ Thank you very much! We are off in the morning, but I took a photo of tonight's sunset and, for the first time, noticed that it really looks like spring on Flickr.

  4. They look like orchids - are they related? Great pictures :)

  5. Beautiful translucence, like drinking tea from a bone china cup. Happy spring break and lovely travels. It is now 80 degrees in Kansas...yes 8-0! Snow may be in the works next week. Hoping my magnolias are smart enough to outsmart this dastardly weather and that when you get back to Maine, all of the snow has melted and that snow blower can take a snooze!

  6. A beautiful series of photos Carol. Have a good trip, hope to see you back safe and well very soon.

  7. Mine are throwing up some spikes! Hope you had a good trip south. We'll touch base. xo

  8. Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all your comments. I don't know how so many young mothers and fathers manage to's not really lack of time, but rather a distracted mind that has prevented me from from touching base. Peter and I are caring for our grandchildren while John is away on a long business trip. This temporary new lifestyle is immensely satisfying, but I do miss you all!

    Rachel ~ These are the phalaenopsis variety of orchids. They are reliable and I can almost always get them to bloom time and again....whether they survive our prolonged absence remains to be seen :-(

    home before dark ~ Here we are, weeks later, with a forecast of 8-10 inches of snow predicted this weekend...the winter that never ends. I had so hoped to experience an early spring in Connecticut! The only hint is two little hound dog noses on overdrive whenever we are outside.

    June ~ Thank you! I'm looking forward to having my camera back in hand (someday!)

    Janet ~ Wonderful catching up today and hearing all about Falling Water! xo

    taio ~ Many thanks, and thank you for stopping by!

  9. What a gorgeous shot - those orchids are wonderful!

    The Gallery Makiej


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