Thursday, February 18, 2010

Clear Blue Sky....a little winter poetry

Snow and pastel contrasts in Stonington, Maine. View larger on Flickr: Pink House with Lobster Traps and Undisturbed Snow.


  1. I love these lines and angles -The geometry and repeated shapes are so pleasing:The steps, the fence, the patterns in the lobster traps,the windows of these sturdy houses.
    Such a quintessential "Maine feeling" here.
    The winter sun is slowly getting stronger and illuminates everything so well ...I always love visiting "the real Maine" through your wonderful pictures

  2. One is almost fooled into thinking spring is on its way.

  3. Of course Janet is right, but as long as this unusual early spring-in-February weather continues up here, I'm staying in denial and pretending lilacs are just around the corner.

    Love the photos. Come take some at the Fisher house. We await you.

  4. Stephanie ~ A lovely comment from someone who knows Maine so well!

    JCB ~ Like Spring, but not!!! xo

    Dilettante ~ How I would love to be photographing lilacs! We are off for a dose of sun for a short while. Let's talk about Fisher House when I return!

  5. Oh, there is a glimpse of spring in Kansas City today, warm & sunny! Hooray! Come follow me, giveaway coming up soon!!

    Art by Karena.


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