Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Music in Maine ~ A New Generation

When we arrived for an afternoon at the symphony, recently, we found these young musicians playing in a pre concert recital at the Collins Center, University of Maine, Orono. I loved the way they were engaged with their music and it was heartening to see so much enthusiasm!

Earlier today I had a marathon phone (2 hours!) conversation with Udie. We often speak of her older brother, Tonny, who was so musically gifted. Many decades ago he and my grandmother attended the (then) infant Austin, Texas Symphony. I doubt Tonny ever expressed any unkind sentiments about the fledgling orchestra's efforts, but Udie said my grandmother could do a devastating impression. Udie asked if the Bangor Symphony is any good. "Oh yes! Very!" I said. I thought about the young folks playing so earnestly. You have to start somewhere...I wish them all the success in the world!


  1. Great talent comes from the most unexpected places.

  2. Dear Janet, so true! One just hopes it is discovered and nurtured!

  3. I attended the University of Texas, and had the pleasure of going to hear Austin's Symphony several times! One of those events included a ballet Mikhail Baryshnikov was dancing! It was magical!

  4. Joan, I love our small world! Your comment prompted me to google the Austin Symphony where I read that it was founded in 1911 and is Austin's oldest performing arts group. It was indeed, a very young orchestra when my Grandmother first attended! This year's program looks fantastic!


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