Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sueña siempre con los angelitos ~ Random Memory # 4 ~ New Hampshire

Taken with an LG camera phone, December 13, 2008.

Random Memory #4 ~ New Hampshire

I am at summer camp and have been assigned a bunk next to Rosalia from the Dominican Republic. We instantly become friends and are inseparable for the next eight weeks. I love to hear about her home and family, although some of her stories are sad and quite frightening and very much outside this young American's experience. The conversations awaken a desire to break away from my own familiar world....I can see the colors and light of Rosalia's country in my mind and I love her accented English.

All throughout the summer, when lights are out and we are in the dark of a cool New Hampshire night, Rosalia whispers "Sueña siempre con los angelitos." I ask what it means and she replies "dream always with the little angels."

I too, have whispered Rosalia's good night blessing to my own children...and now, to "M" when she visits. She rolls the unfamiliar vowels and consonants around in her child's mouth trying to duplicate the phrase. She loves the sound of the strange language and falls asleep repeating the words over and over.

For my Flickr friend, PETRONIALOCUTA, whose sweetness reminds me of Rosalia.


  1. Beautifully told. At 60, I appreciate the quality of random memories, how they bubble up seemingly from no where, how they surprise and capture lovely moments to enjoy again and again.

  2. home before dark ~ Thank you for expressing, so well, the desire the share these memories. When one is over 60, there is a growing desire to leave tracks in the snow...especially for those we love!


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