Friday, February 19, 2010


I am not a great fan of highly defined and overly processed photos. It's a personal preference, even though I know there is a lot of very creative work being done with stunning results. However, I like to vicariously travel; to briefly live in a scene made possible through other photographer's eyes. Somehow the intimacy of their view is lost (for me) in the midst of too many hard edges and over bright colors. If I can sense the 'truth' in the image, I am just as happy in a photographer's creative kitchen, or in far away Japan. That said, I have been unable to completely resist some of the digital toys that facilitate this alternative vision.

Sea Heather, taken August 3, 2009.
I'll be Back Soon, taken August 8, 2009.

I will be back soon....after seeking a little southern sun....


  1. I do love these images Carol. There is just a sense of vibrancy, golden warmth! It is not my media, however I do appreciate the art form very much.


  2. Karena, I have been away, so a belated thank you for your lovely comment!



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