Friday, March 5, 2010

Borrowing Props

We are sitting at our table on the bayside enjoying margaritas, yellowtail snapper and a glorious first night sunset on Islamorada in the Florida keys. The beach kitty works the crowd of diners with a practiced eye and the entitled demeanor of cats.

Nearly all the customers have cameras and watch the sky as they sip mojitos, Bahama Mamas or margaritas and as the color intensifies, we all wander up and down the beach for our sunset shots. Couples hand cameras to strangers for a portrait against the glowing sky not caring if their faces will become dark ovals as a result of inappropriate back lighting. Perhaps they have a good photo editor!

Some distance away, huge video cameras have been set up on the sand with an assortment of exotic benches, draping and props. Actors or models, I'm not sure which, are positioned with care. The setting is incredibly romantic and I imagine "1-800-SANDALS" flashing across a TV screen. I watch this fantasy scene for awhile and opportunistically zoom in on the candles!

Islamorada Sunset: View on black.


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