Saturday, March 6, 2010

Movies are different now ~ Random Memory #7 ~ Texas

A low light shot without the benefit of a tripod...awkward to bring inside a movie theater!
View on black.

I won't be watching the Oscars because we gave up television a long time ago, but I do love movies. Avatar will probably be a big winner...and it should be! I've seen it twice, finally making the trip to Saco, Maine to see the spectacle in Imax 3D. Wow! Movies aren't what they used to be!

Random Memory #7 ~ Port Arthur, Texas

I have 30 cents of accumulated allowance in my pocket as I walk down 7th street to the movie theater; 25 cents for the movie and a nickle for one of the enormous, crisp, sour dill pickles in the huge glass jar on the candy display case. They are playing Love is a Many Splendored Thing and much of the plot goes right over my head since I am only in fourth grade. I love the scenes shot in Hong Kong, never dreaming I will someday live there.

Years later, snippets of the theme song still buzz around in my head!

Once on a high and windy hill,
two lovers kissed
in the morning mist
and the world stood still...


  1. So true -- Movies (and the experience of watching movies - many times at home or even on-line )have really changed.

    Love your "memory snippet" from fourth grade-- movies with a dill pickle no less ! Wonderful.

    Have not seen Avatar yet--must catch up !

    (Now I am hungry for a dill pickle..Hmmm..Do I have any pickles in my fridge downstairs ?)

  2. Dear Stephanie, Thank you! And if you have a dill pickle lurking in your refrigerator, please photograph it for your 365 (...and really send me down memory lane!)

  3. Wish you'd come take my tv away;)!! Loved your walk down memory lane! I grew up in San Antonio!

  4. Joan, Thank you for stopping by! I fell in love with San Antonio about the same time as my movie excursion to "Love is a Many-Splendored Thing"! The city has changed and grown, but has remained just as beautiful!


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