Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crossing Water ~ 2 bridges, 3 views

The Seven Mile Bridge between the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Strait. Florida Keys.

A section of the older bridge, constructed under the direction of Henry Flagler during the years 1902-1912. The bridge was part of the Florida East Coast Railway and was destroyed during the Labor Day hurricane of 1935. Today it is often used as a fishing pier and enjoyed by walkers.

Anyone who has driven south from Florida's middle keys will be familiar with the dramatic sight of the Seven Mile Bridge. The crossing between the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Strait provides an exhilarating view of shimmering sky and water. My photos were taken on the move and I later made a few adjustments in the images to capture the mood of time slowing down as one approaches an older Florida that does not reflect the change in the upper keys. When we reached the other side, Rt. 1 continues through sleepy towns toward historic Key West, the southern most point in the United States.


  1. These images are really cool... great way to make a bridge interesting!

  2. Elie, Thank you! I am thoroughly enjoying your photographs!

  3. I would love to take that trip sometime!

  4. FancyHorse ~ I think you would love it! The keys are so laid back and relaxing and the seafood is wonderful...and even the best restaurants are casual.

    I have so many more Florida photos to post on Flickr, but they are still on my camera. I've had computer woes and wanted to wait until I had a new one.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Oh, how I love that drive down the Keys, and coming to the Seven Mile Bridge...crossing it, one almost can feel the cares and woes lifting.

    As for poor Key West, still a wonderful place, but I miss the raffish, unpainted Tennessee Williams version I first knew more than 30 years ago...It's been discovered by big money, and the Palm Beachification is well underway.

  6. Hello Dilettante! It's odd, we've been going to the keys for years to visit my parents, but never had the time to venture beyond Grassy Key. This time we made it to Key West. I can't compare it to 30 years ago, but our visit became a challenge to find 'little views' of how it might have been. We're going to D.C. to visit JCB next week and when I return, hope to finally get the images off my camera to do a post "Looking for Key West"...

    30 years ago?! You must have been in kindergarten!

  7. LOL, flattery will get you nowhere...I was already in sight of 30.....

    those little views are disappearing by the minute...

  8. Dilettante ~ So true...I'll be interested to see if you recognize any of the "little views" !


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