Thursday, March 11, 2010

Arthur John Picton's "Walker Art Gallery"

Taken February 19, 2009. Wapping, Liverpool, England.

Arthur's Flickr photo stream was brought to my attention by a mutual contact. It was the beginning of a community of photographers who draw daily inspiration from one another while enjoying a hefty dose of humor from comments that keep us chuckling well into the night.

It would be impossible to pick a favorite from Arthur's diverse collection of images as each is unique and reflects the instincts of a talented young photographer. I chose Walker Art Gallery because I admire the split second timing of his capture and his willingness to toss the manual and fly with the moment. Even so, Arthur never loses control of his equipment which includes an SLR, Holga(s) and a camera phone! In his comments on the photo, he wrote:

I've learned the art of putting the camera round my neck and clicking without looking through the view finder.

I thought, that doesn't sound so hard, but believe me, it is!

Arther John Picton's Flickr name is SomeDriftwood.


  1. Thanks for this! Flickr has been a real inspiration and, you're right, we've had a lot of fun as well!

    The Walker Art Gallery is really good for photos, so I might go back some day.

    Keep up the excellent photos from Maine.. I've said it before, but it's been a real insight.

  2. AJP, Welcome to smilla4blogs! How I would dearly love to photograph your Walker Art Gallery, but not until I have mastered some of your photography skills!


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