Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Water Abstracts

Shallow Water, Mere Point, Brunswick, Maine.

Kayak Reflections, Mere Point, Brunswick, Maine.

Water Reflections in Color, Islamorada, Florida.

Reflections ~ Pelicans on a Yellow Boat, Islamorada, Florida.

Marina Reflections, Islamorada, Florida.

One of my Flickr contacts wrote that she needed mountains all around her to feel comfortable. I love their majesty and the long shadows they cast as the sun sinks throughout the day, but my heart belongs at the water's edge. I am a coastal person.

I have always been intrigued by the light and movement on water surfaces. Familiar shapes take on new forms, a subtle range of colors appear and often lines, so fine, they could have been drawn in pen and ink. The overall effect is that of a large canvas.

Flickr contact, ccgoldendreamer, saw monsters! You can see her interpretation of Marina Reflections here.


  1. Yup, if this boy is inland away from salt water for more than a day, my eye starts to twitch, no matter how fascinating or glam the locale...

  2. Janet, thanks! Some from your much loved Mere Point!

    Dilettante ~ Exactly! I feel claustrophobic!

  3. Loved the abstractions. Lucky all of you for the salt water cleanse. It's where we all should breathe what we should be breathing!

  4. Patricia, Thank you very much! We really do know how fortunate we are with our salty air and gorgeous vistas...and love to share it with all who venture this far up the coast.

    Many thanks Elie!

  5. Thank you for pointing the way to ccgoldendreamer's Flickr stream. I invited one of her photos to The Rear Window. :-)

  6. FancyHorse ~ She's so remarkable, I'm glad you had a look at her photos!


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