Friday, March 12, 2010

Editors' Choice ~ recent books of particular interest

Winter reading

THIS BOOK IS OVERDUE! How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All by Marilyn Johnson is featured in The New York Times Book Review which turned up in our mailbox this morning with the description...

A big topic presented via a tour of eccentric characters and unlikely locations.

One of those locations is The Darien Library in Connecticut and Ms Johnson has written a glowing chapter about the helpful staff in this newly built and innovative institution. Congratulations to you in particular! You can read a full review here.


  1. Carol,
    I have meant to stop by to tell you off topic, what a lovely, intelligent, interesting and generous of heart daughter you have. Today now, on topic, I say you have two children who make the world a better place.They know the secrets of the universe: where to go and how to find it. In our community as budget cuts are made in schools, librarians are among the first to go. Makes me very sad. What not football? (That said by a Sooner girl!).

    Again, congratulations for bringing delight into the world with your children. patricia houston davis

  2. Patricia,

    This is one of those magical moments in blogging when a comment is dropped in your lap like a gem. Your intuitive insight, knowing the "secrets of the universe", strikes a very deep chord as that is what I have always wanted for my children.

    Thank you for all your thoughtful observations on a number of blogs I follow, including Janet's! You encourage everyone to blog on, one word at a time.

    I should offer a disclaimer; my children take after their wonderful father!

  3. Hi Carol!
    We're stil laughing about your moose comment!!

    Just joined the Friends of the Library- NE has "the best" libraries ever! Reading 'To Kill a Mockingbird' for our big state read this month!

    What a fabulous comment about your children! They must be pretty special!
    Hope these winds don't carry you away!

  4. Hello Joan,

    Thanks! Your excitement was infectious!

    It's wonderful to hear you are supporting your library. I think the new generation of librarians are a fascinating group of people with up-to-date skills and boundless energy.

    I hope you still have your power! So far we have dodged the wind and rain...

    Sincere thanks for your kind comment about my children!


  5. It is a brave new world and those cybrarians are the pioneers.

    I am humbled by Patricia's comment, and hope I can always keep seeking.

  6. Janet, it was the nicest comment a mother could ever hope to read. xo


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