Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm in the mood for bright and bold!

I'm in the mood for bright and bold and I wondered just where do I see that in Maine? Yes, we have color. Spring and Summer simultaneously arrive with a gorgeous palette and it is beautiful to behold. But bold and vivid are surprisingly hard to find and after looking through many sets of my photos, I could only locate a few images that came close to the intensity I was seeking.

I love the bright primary colors and the fact that the equipment looks like a larger version of the Tonka toys my son loved years ago!

I photographed the two blue chairs outside an antiques shop in Brunswick, Maine on a lovely sunny July day. The sky was a beautiful clear blue and the trees and grass were lush and green from all the rain, but the chairs just popped against the Maine Street landscape.

I was intrigued by the saturated colors of the old glass and contrasting price tags; again in an antique store. I wouldn't have thought I would find bright and bold amongst the worn, faded and, perhaps, formerly loved offerings on display.

I think of all the flowers that bloom in Maine, it is the humble day lily that provides the brightest splash of color. We have a mass of them on the bank in front of our cottage and when they are in bloom, the lilies provide a beacon of orange that we can see whenever we return home by boat.

I always look to the sky for our most glorious displays of color. Our sunsets are so brief, so elusive and if you are preoccupied with something else, you will surely miss that intense vivid blast.

Perhaps, for some, the above photographs do not seem so colorful, but please scroll down to see the contrast of the soft muted tones of our winter views.

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