Monday, October 31, 2011


Salem, Massachusetts, famous for its witch trials, remains unspoiled. I love its lived-in feeling and the lovely old houses that are cheek-by-jowl next to weathered beauties. I am told the tourist and visitor activity reaches a frenzied pace all throughout the month of October until Halloween. Little shops selling potions and spells do a brisk business and haunted houses open their doors to all who will venture the spirit of competition! I think this year's festivities will be especially cold and spooky after the recent storm that just pounded the northeast.

Salem was still a sleepy New England town on September 30th, the day of our visit, just a month ago. The following photos were taken on a warm bright morning...Salem in sunshine!

Salem 01

Salem 02

Salem 05

Salem 06

Salem 07

Information on the Custom House in Salem, Massachusetts.

Salem 09

The sun was high by the time we reached The House of Seven Gables and I really was not satisfied with the result in color. I'll soon be posting a series in sepia which suited this lovely house much better for the time of day.

Salem 16

Salem 18

Shooting the tourists shooting the tourists!

Salem 19

The house where Nathaniel Hawthorne was born and lived for the first three years of his life. The house has been moved several blocks from its original location.

Salem 21

Salem 22

How lucky to spot a house under renovation with an open door! The stairway and woodwork are beautiful and I love the basket of knitting on the bench.

Salem 23

Salem 24

The beautiful light and shadow filled Peabody Essex Museum. The architecture is a wonderful reflection of the town.

Who knows if the ghosts and ghouls will be out tonight? Happy Halloween everyone...must run to poach a little "Eye of Newt!"


  1. Hello Carol:
    Salem in the sunshine does indeed look to be a pretty jewel in the crown of Massachusetts and it is difficult to think of it changing, chameleon like, into a place of ghosts and ghouls. What a difference the sun makes.....just the same perhaps as having the light on as opposed to sitting in the dark!!

  2. what a beautiful place... nothing what i would have expected!

  3. Hello Jane and Lance, I have a feeling Salem can look very bleak on a dark, windswept November day. I'd love to photograph that side of it too.

    Punctuation Mark ~ I know! It's hard to think of Salem without thinking of its frightful history, but it is a delightful town!

  4. Your photos came out so well! Perfect timing with Halloween. . .


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