Thursday, October 20, 2011

Full Moon Supper


Peter found the article by accident. A celebration of food in Maine, from earth to table at Salt Water Farm in Lincolnville, Maine. Once a month, when the full moon glows over Penobscot Bay, a group of talented women apply their culinary skills at a community supper.

They were fully booked when Peter called, but a few days later there was a cancellation. We were on our way, driving the nearly deserted coastal route on a chilly October night.


The location is beautiful. We descend on a series of stone steps to a terrace overlooking the bay. Warm light shines through the French doors with a view of the kitchen and long farmhouse table set with pretty china, centerpieces of autumn produce and twinkling candlelight.

After an enthusiastic greeting, we mingle with the other guests. There is a cheery blaze in the fireplace and a leek and salty cheese tart with orange peel and fennel soprassata on the granite kitchen counter for nibbling.


The young women work on the finishing touches while everyone appreciates the savory smells. The pace is relaxed and the women occasionally join in the conversation, chatting about the menu and the diverse places where they have both learned and applied their culinary expertise.


Ladleah checks the temperature of the stuffed pork loin with porcini mushrooms, roast heirloom carrots, and rainbow swiss chard which will be served over a creamy polenta.

Ladleah's training began at her mother's side, also a food professional. Ladleah said, "I could barely reach the counter at my mother's restaurant and she would say, 'Ladleah, I need eight crab quiches!'"


Bowls of pumpkin soup with sauteéd apples, local bacon and caraway on the counter. Followed by trevisso, poached farm egg, garlic and anchovies and croutons that have been crisping on a large tray by the fire.



Chocolate beetroot cake and créme fraiche. The surprise is how the beetroot is so deliciously compatible!

There are probably six to eight parties seated at the long table, many of whom were strangers to one another at the beginning of the evening. When coffee and tea arrived, we had all found a connection; places and people in common. I think six degrees of separation can be halved in Maine!



Although heavy late night rain is in the forecast, a small misty moon is visible as we say our goodbyes.

We've made our reservations for November and December!


  1. Beautiful post!! I'm going to have to check this out!! You must have driven right through Bucksport and over "The Bridge"!!

  2. Hello Carol:
    What a magical evening to remember. The food looks and, we are sure, tasted, absolutely delicious. So inventive and yet so wholesome looking and clearly representing the best of fresh local produce.

    What a splendid idea this is and how marvellous to have found new people with shared interests. We too would have signed up for November and December!!

  3. Rain ~ Thank you very much! The Salt Water Farm does a lot more than the Full Moon Suppers. I wish we lived closer because they have cooking classes and many other activities! Still, the drive through Bucksport and over the bridge is a well worn path for us!

    Jane and Lance ~ You are back on-line! I do think you would have thoroughly appreciated the abundant creativity at Salt Water Farm and the ambiance in that lovely kitchen. I'll be sure to post the November and December menus (weather permitting and we can actually get there!)


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