Thursday, October 27, 2011

Afternoon in Black and White

I like photography best when the image pulls the viewer inside the frame so he, or she can create their own story about what they are seeing. Here is an afternoon in black and white. Three of the images are fairly straight forward, a pianist, a singer and a day dreamer sitting on the dock, splashing water with her feet. The other two photographs are curious because of the strong sense of isolation within the scene. All of the individuals seem to be looking inward, focused on an unknown history.

Afternoon in Black & White 05

Afternoon in Black & White 04

Afternoon in Black & White 03

Afternoon in Black & White 02

Afternoon in Black & White 01


  1. Hello Carol:
    We do love black and white photography. Somehow colour seems very often to be a distraction from the 'main event', the subject of the composition.

    The images you show here are indeed interesting and do, as you say, draw the viewer in. One wants to know more, to understand, to explore.

  2. Hello Jane and Lance! Thank you for your encouragement! I'm dipping into black and white more and more...and learning how to handle the light and contrast. So different from working with color.

  3. Wow Carol-you are so talented! I love black and white-it sure isnt as easy to make special as many think!!~~Rain Beautiful!

  4. Rain ~ Thank you, what a lovely thing to write!

    We got off lightly today! Hope all is well at the farm...and happy Halloween!


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