Saturday, October 22, 2011

Time to Leave

Fwd: Cooper

Cooper bounds through the leaves on our last visit to the cottage of the season, closing week....and what turned out to be the only sunny day.


Fog rolls in and clouds gather. It's cold and raw and wind seeps between the windows and all the crack and crevices. The view outside is bleak!

Photo taken with my Ipad using an app called Paper Camera.

Fwd: Sketchbook

Cooper, however, is exhilarated by the rich heady scents of the wildlife that is already reclaiming the shore, now that most of the cottagers have left. Even inside, his nose leads him on a futile and frantic trail as he follows the comings and goings of critters taking refuge under the house. We are certain there is a skunk, raccoon or porcupine in residence beneath the floor boards. The animals must prepare for a Maine winter and so must we...time to leave!


  1. Happy journey back. My 72 year old neighbor decided she had one more adventure in her and moved to a little village, high, high beyond Denve a few weeks ago. Her rat haired terrier has changed his affection from chasing Kansas squirrels to going after the Colorado chipmunks. So nice to have transferable skills! Cooper has had quite the year. He certainly has a nose for adventure.

  2. home before dark ~ I love the "transferable skills!" Chipmunks are smaller and faster, but a rat terrier should be up to the job. We had no idea Cooper would evolve into an adventure was a summer of discovery for us too and I thought a lot about your comment, "Cooper's got game!" Now he is back in burrito mode, by my side, rolled up in his fleece. It's pretty chilly and we're glad to be back.

    Did I read you were busy with a renovation? The relative calm of the Holidays will be a relief!!!

  3. Hello:
    Yes, we can certainly agree that the time has come to hunker down as winter is approaching with, it seems to us, untimely speed. How sad it must be for you to leave such an idyllic place but, how wonderful to dream of holiday times at your summer house as you warm your toes by the fire.

  4. Hello Jane and Lance! Autumn's chill is definitely in the air. In truth, the cottage looks bleak and ghostly and after locking the door, we seldom look back. It's lovely to be in a warm house with all the amenities and, as you say, "warm toes by the fire." And, we are still in Maine!


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