Friday, October 14, 2011

An Evening on Maquoit Bay

Perhaps an alternative title could be "Same Old View, Different Light." I've shot this scene thousands of times, but seldom have I seen such a dramatic change in light, all in the space of one evening. The following sequence began late on the afternoon of 24, September until sunset. You can see the weather front moving in.

Maquoit Bay Light 01

Maquoit Bay Light 02





Beautiful Maine!


  1. Having grown up on an island, I appreciate water scenes of every kind. This set is so beautiful; the quietness and solitude, the changing colors, Nature in her ever fickle glory. :) I've had a lot of fun reading through your extremely well-narrated photoblog and have added it to the list of blogs I follow. Thank you for sharing your words and images!

  2. FP ~ A bouquet of hydrangeas to you, in thanks, for such a lovely comment. I have added your blog, to my list, "Inspiration ~ Information ~ Smile ~ Enjoy." "Field and Garden" is all of those things.


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