Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bird Song

Little Birds

Two photos in sepia.

The small wooden birds on the cottage dining room mantle were a gift from JCB years ago.

Bird Shadow

As autumn arrives, the sun's angle casts a new shadow across the old wood at the cottage. This interior light always startles me after the bright days of summer. At this time of the year, the rooms are briefly filled with light washing over objects I scarcely notice in the midst of joyful and hectic visits from family and friends.

The sounds also change with the season. Gone are the gentle slap of tide against the boats and the clang of unsecured lines. Now, the wind shifts rattling windows and shutters. There is always the squawk of blackbirds, the scream of gulls, but the musical chirp of the song birds is missing.

Next spring I'll unwrap JCB's little birds and put them back on the mantle and listen to the chorus outside.

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  1. Closing down the cottage--always a bittersweet thing. I've always thought of it as a chance to nurture the house, and bond with it. ...Until next year, when you get to sweep the winter out and start anew!

  2. Mike ~ You are right, it is a bittersweet time and so much of the closing is symbolic. I always leave saying "thank you little house..." These places never quite belong to us and they are only in our care for a little while.


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