Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The worst Night of the Year

The Worst Night of the Year!

Perhaps it was the weather. Halloween was a lackluster affair with just a few frostbitten trick-or-treaters venturing up the old granite steps to the house. Normally we have ninety to a hundred little ghouls and ghosts. Even with the low creature count, it is still the worst night of the year for the dogs. Understandably alarmed by short masked strangers, three generations of very good dogs have left deep claw marks on our laundry room door from Halloweens past. The little wiener dog worked himself into an awful state...Cooper is extremely glad that's over!


  1. Hello Carol:
    In the days when we had cats, we felt much the same way about Bonfire Night [November 5th.] in Britain on account of the noise from the fireworks. Happily, or so we think, Halloween is not celebrated or marked at all here in Hungary.

  2. Under Dog to the rescue, to the rescue, to the rescue...hope the warm blanket and good fire in the fireplace soothed his nerves from the required hyper alert mode needed to protect all those he loved. And maybe a treat or two.

  3. As am I - glad that it's over, that is.

    Last week I drove to work in the dark passing the duck pond at the bottom of the hill and there on the corner was a figure all in white seemingly holding a cross. Very creepy! It turned out to be one of three scarecrow-type figures celebrating the imminence of Halloween.

    I think having grown up with no real celebration of Halloween (I come from the area of the Lancashire witches) except walking desultorily at midnight on Pendle Hill "looking for witches" with a couple of sozzled mates, Halloween has little resonance with me.

  4. Jane and Lance ~ Our children attended a British school a long time ago. On Guy Fawkes' day, they used to sing "November, November, the 5th of Remember!" But that was in Bahrain and we didn't have a dog at the time (or fireworks!) In the U.S. the combination of ghosts and candy is a winner!

    home before dark ~ I did my best to make it up to Cooper today. Long walk, play time and now he's curled up beside me, burrito style, in his fleece. To add insult to injury, he's put up with roofers all week and all the noise that entails! Dogs really do count on a reliable routine.

    Blue ~ I really love the idea of a desultory walk with "sozzled mates" looking for witches which sounds a bit like the Halloween activity in Salem (previous post.) Halloween, like so many other things, birthdays, weddings, Christmas and so on, has grown way out of proportion and raised too many expectations. It was more fun when it was simpler with fewer $ signs and mischief. *soundinglikeafuddyduddy*


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