Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eye of the Tiger

Picture 34

Photo by Emma Lynn B.

My granddaughter was born in the Chinese Year of the Tiger. She arrived with a roar and has never stopped testing the boundaries and for Emma, there are certainly no intellectual boundaries and it is this, that makes her art shine. What started with crayons, markers and pens, when she was a small child, has evolved into nuanced layered images that can be seen on Emma's Flickr stream.

My son encouraged all the children to experiment with his collection of cameras and computers. It was hard on the equipment (his house is a digital ossuary) but the learning curve is spectacular! Now, I watch Emma's fingers fly across the keyboard experimenting with apps and effects, adding and discarding faster than my eyes can focus on the screen.

Emma's photography began in earnest nearly a year and a half ago...and this is one of my favorite memories: She arrived at the cottage full of restless energy. I suggested a leisurely row around the bay with a little talk and a lot of drifting. After awhile I asked, "would you like a camera?"


We flew back to the dock, jumped in the car, and a new camera was in her hands within the hour. Below, some of Emma's remarkable work, shown in chronological order.

Maine Flowers

Friends forever

smoke 2

so much

But what can I do?

Tahitian  grain of sand


All images posted with permission from Emma Lynn B.

Emma celebrated her thirteenth birthday Tuesday.


  1. Hello Carol:
    What a wonderfully creative mind your granddaughter must have. She has such a refreshingly clear eye on the world and captures her subjects to dramatic effect. Just thirteen, who would guess? One very proud grandmother, for sure!

  2. Your buttons are bustin', grammy--and with good reason! Your granddaughter has some real talent there. Isn't it amazing how they seem to be born knowing how to use all the technology that leaves us bewildered? I love that second image. Get her to Haystack!

  3. Ossuary! You get today's award.

    And marvelous narrative and pictures. And how I envy the idea of rowing around the bay...there was no rowing for me this year.

  4. Hello Jane and Lance ~ Thank you on behalf of Emma! I hope she will read these wonderful comments...she is so talented and this is a long overdue post!

    Mike ~ Your suggestion of Haystack is excellent. Have also thought of Maine Photographic workshop if she sticks with this. I've noticed that Emma's generation is fearless with computers...I'm always worried about making mistakes (trying to get over that!) I especially love the second image too. Thanks for noticing that one!

    Dilettante ~ I know there was no rowing around the bay...and this was one for the 'summer ossuary.' But you are a house person...and one of these days we will lure you to "Flunker Brown's" and the boat. There is a story there!

  5. But are we surprised at the talent and energy of the granddaughter? After all, look at the trees behind that acorn...

  6. Thank you DED! It's thrilling to see a seed take root.

  7. A delightful ahha moment. Love the Graham Greene quote, " “There is moment in every child’s life where a door opens and lets the future in." Wishing your beloved girl many, many artful and soulful moments.

  8. Oh the places she'll go with that camera. :)

  9. home before dark ~ Thank you, I love the quote. Such a small thing to do, putting a camera in a child's hands, but watching her take off like a comet is amazing.

    Janet ~ I think so, I really do xo!


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