Monday, November 21, 2011

Morning Light in a Kitchen Window

I love windows, I look at them them as canvasses with ever changing views of the world, both inside and out. Our cottage kitchen window is my favorite, and the simplest. On a bright day, sunshine pours through tiny panes back lighting objects on the sill. The effect changes dramatically with the angle of the sun during our April to October stay. The following photo is the last shot before closing the house for winter of our 2011 season.

Morning Sun and an Apple

Ripe Tomatoes

Kitchen window in July with a row of ripe Maine grown tomatoes on the sill.

Early Morning Light

A small milk bottle full of black eyed susans in brilliant August light!

Window Treasure

A shell that has been by the window for almost twenty years in an image I call "July Treasure." The photo has been 'gently' processed.

Store bought tomato

Buttercups in June.

Cottage kitchen ~ Morning light

High key light in late April.

Kitchen window

May window.

Spring window

May window...perhaps my favorite, I love this soft light in the room.

I have been tagged by anneka58

I've always been fond of the dazzle of prism light in this August window.


  1. Wow! What you can do with a camera!! I would be hard pressed to choose a fav of these! Love them!! Will enjoy them even more in a couple months!!~~Rain

  2. Rain ~ That is such a dear comment! Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving!


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