Friday, November 18, 2011

Giant Lego Man Vs The Alien

The story popped out from my Twitter feed. The whimsical mystery about a Giant Lego Man washing up on a Florida beach in Siesta Key was a happy change from a daily diet of economic frustration and natural and human made catastrophe. The early morning joggers and dog walkers must have been delighted by their discovery, but in spite of his harmless demeanor, Lego Man was taken into police custody.

Apparently similar figures have turned up in Holland and England. Lego Man would be welcome on our little beach with its currents and tides that wash up all sorts of detritus, lovely driftwood and the occasional small boat that has snapped off its mooring. The news item reminded me of a series of photos I took last summer of our grandson's alien, a treasured prize from The Topsham Fair. His oversize alien was determined to escape!

The Alien Escapes

The Mission


A rescue not for the fainthearted! That water is cold!


  1. Hello Carol:
    Well, as you say, all this talk of Lego Men appearing on beaches is so much more fun than the daily news which seems to get ever more depressing. Did the Lego Man 'go quietly' when arrested by the police, we wonder?

    And what amusing pictures of your grandson's blue alien. The parallels are very close, it couldn't be that he knows something about the Lego Man?!!

  2. Hello Jane and Lance! So glad you joined in the fun! I recall the article saying police would return Lego Man to the finder if he was unclaimed. Now, if a Lego Man drifts on to our beach, I'm sure I could work him into the decor, along with the blue alien (banished to the boat house for the season!)


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