Friday, August 26, 2011

Carnival Lights

Today my thoughts are with everyone on the east coast who is busy making preparations for the hurricane that is bearing down on us. Here on Mere Point, cottagers are hauling out boats and docks, stocking up on non-perishable food, water, flashlights, batteries and...a little wine. So, before the gale leaves us in the dark, here are carnival lights from the Topsham Fair, in Topsham, Maine, that took place three weeks ago.

Our timing for a visit to the fair couldn't have been better. The setting sun gave way to a spectacular sunset, the perfect backdrop to the dazzle and glitz.

Night Falls on the Topsham Fair 01

The Topsham Fair 06

The Topsham Fair 05

The Topsham Fair 04

The Topsham Fair 03

Night Falls on the Topsham Fair 04

At last, dusk gave way to night making it impossible to capture a crisp photo, but I quite like the blur and festive atmosphere.

Stay safe everyone!


  1. Oh my these are incredible beautiful photos!! Thanks for making it real !!

  2. Magic! The sky, the lights, the atmosphere. Great photos! (Memory: One Topsham Fair a substantial while ago had me in labor, awaiting the birth of my daughter. The merry-go-round guy said, "Lady, one fare for you, but if there's two of you when this stops, you're going to have to pay extra!"

  3. Rain ~ Thank you so much! Hope all is going smoothly for your preparations and departure south. I think our area of Maine will not be too badly affected.

    Mike ~ so glad I posted this....or I might never have heard your charming anecdote! Read it to Peter and he is still chuckling!

    Presently we are down the road enjoying the calm before the storm...


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