Saturday, August 20, 2011


Skitched-image1.png The summer of 2011 holds the record as one of our busiest. The cottage has been full since June with the result of very few blog posts from smilla4. My camera memory cards are full of days gone by and images of Maine's ineffable to organize it all and catch up with everyone!

News of Android photography apps always grab my attention, so when I saw "Skitch" I knew I had to experiment. The app allows you to draw and superimpose text in a wide range of colors and styles on photos from your phone. I used a stylus (a challenge on a small cellphone screen!) for the quick "Cooperdoodle" but your fingertip will work just as well. Ooh...and it's free!

Also! Happy birthday to my little brother, celebrating a very grown-up number today! 


  1. Awww, things must be very quiet for a little dog.

  2. Janet ~ I think he was really depressed after Hazel left, but Cooper perked up today with the inevitable weekend activity. He wanders up and down the road visiting the neighbor's boats and docks...loves being near the water!

  3. I tried to find a similar app right away on my Iphone-but couldn't!! :( must be one-must devote more time to the hunt!! Enjoy some quiet time-minus the company for a few!!

  4. Still think there's a Cooper book in there somewhere. Hope the pun-stealing brother had a lovely day. Damn those milestones. My least favorite was when I turned 25. Being a quarter of a century old bummed me. At 62 that sounds like such a young thing! When my mother turned 60, she told my dad she was now middled aged. He replied, "How many 120 year olds do you know? Still makes me chuckle. Sit down, put your feet up and take a snooze. You have earned it!

  5. Rain ~ I think this app is Android only, but I'm so jealous since you can have instagram on your iphone!

    Stay safe!

    home before dark ~ Thanks so much for checking in on my sadly neglected blog....what a summer! Now Irene! Cooper has had a wonderful has brought out a whole new side of his personality.

    Love your father's quip! The only reason I would want to live to 120 is to see what happens...(right now thinking short term!)


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