Monday, May 2, 2011

Let Us Celebrate With Wine ~ Day 1


Let us celebrate with wine, not the death of a killer in Abottabad, but the resilience of our people...hardworking people who made their dreams come true in America. There are stories to be found in every mile from one coast to the other, but few tales unfurl their beautiful and complex layers with every curve in the road as the cultivation of the vines in California wine country.

Early vintners tore out prune orchards and planted grapes and challenged an established industry with an astounding product. The effort was, and continues to be, intense as every vine receives a human touch multiple times from pruning the first tiny grape clusters to the late night harvest under lights. Every vineyard has its own personality and style. Their histories vary as do names like Petroni, Twomey, Sbragia, Paul Hobbs and Darioush. The following photos were taken at Sbragia in Geyserville, California, spring 2011. More to come!

Sbragia Winery 02

Sbragia Winery 03



  1. Beautiful, beautiful country!

  2. Thank you...hope some fine examples of the wine arrive your way very soon!

  3. Incredible shots! Would LOVE to see them posted on the Sbragia Family Vineyard Facebook Fan Page!

  4. Heidi ~ Thank you very much! I am not on Facebook, but all the photos in this post will link back to Flickr. Just click on the image and copy and paste the url which you can find in "actions" at the top of the image. We love Sbragia...both the location and the wine!

  5. I raise a glass with you on this solemn occasion and join with you in remembering people around the world who care for and nourish this planet. I shared this link with JCB. This music feels right right now:

    ps A lovely summer (will it ever come to Maine) read is The Winemaker's Daughter. At first novel, it is not "perfect" but there are parts of this book that are sheer poetry particularly the parts about planting and caring for the grapes. Welcome home...and where IS Cooper?

  6. home before dark ~ You enrich our lives with your wide ranging journeys across the internet. The link is beautiful and echoes my feelings about this week's news.

    Thank you for your book recommendation! Summer is definitely not here. Maine is dark, cold and dreary today...I lump May into our winter months. Cooper went to "Creature Camp" while we were in California and he had a wonderful time, returning with (faintly) noticeable tuck-up. No cages there! He and five other dogs had the run of a large yard, barn and the house! I thank my lucky stars we have this place!


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