Monday, April 18, 2011

Seasons of Aldermere Farm

Aldermere Farm, famous for breeding Belted Galloway cattle, was bequeathed to Maine Coast Heritage Trust by Albert Chatfield in 1999. It's hard to imagine a time when I have not passed by this picturesque landmark in Rockport, Maine. The farm is beautifully situated with views of Penobscot Bay and the Camden Hills. I often stop to take photos and the following images depict Aldermere Farm in various seasons.

After the Storm 03

After the Storm 02

A wild wailing storm swept through Maine Saturday night and Sunday morning. High winds snapped trees and left our house (and many others!) without power. Normally, at this time of the year, one sees cattle in the meadows, but on this day all were inside. I thought the farm looked beautiful in its bleakness and I loved how the saturated trees looked against the landscape.

Aldermere Farm

This winter scene of fences and snow covered fields was taken 1 February, 2009. Although I am craving spring and summer color, I never tire of subtle monochromatic cold weather tones and I love the etched branches against the sky.

The nursery! Aldermere Farm

14 March, 2009. Just a little over a month later, I captured this tender mother and calf moment in what I call the nursery, a small enclosure by the side of the road. During calving season, there are always photographers lined up by the fence hoping for good shots of the tiny "oreo" babies.

Belted Galloways

16 May, 2010. Spring finally arrives in Maine with soft greens in the idyllic meadow at the farm. In the distance you can see another tiny calf.

Buttercup Days 02

3 June, 2010. At last summer finally arrives with a golden field of buttercups and gentle fog.

Buttercup Days 03

Summer's bouquet of wildflowers adorn a simple wire fence at Aldermere Farm. Lovely in all seasons and a Maine treasure.

I am off again and, this time, hoping to return with a memory card full of photos!


  1. Absolutely beautiful solitary old tree waiting for just one more spring next to its companion stone wall. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Barbara. I love the arc of bare branches over the stone wall too. I'd like to go back and shoot that same scene when the leaves are out for comparison, but it won't have that "Wuthering Heights" feeling.

  3. You will have to continue the series this Fall! Have a safe and WONDERFUL trip. xo

  4. Janet ~ Hmmm what happened last Fall that distracted me from Aldermere Farm?! Love your Atlanta photos! Thank you, getting excited now! xo

  5. The "oreo" cows remind me of the Far Side Cartoon when a cow has a dart board patten on it and friend says, "Bummer of a birthmark!" Delightful changing seasons. Wherever you are going I know you'll get an eyeful/card full! Happy snaps.

  6. Hello:
    Having come across your blog by chance, we have been drawn in by your totally sympathetic writing, the images which support what you say, and by the variety of topics which you include. Of interest too is that you have lived in a number of places but have a deep love of your home, Maine.

    Aldermere Farm looks beautiful, particularly in winter when the 'bones' are so clearly defined.

    We have signed as Followers!

  7. Love the photos-especially the last with daisies thru fence. and have enjoyed those belted Galloway cows in Rockport since I was a little girl-has to be at least 40 some yrs!!~~Rain

  8. This is one of my favorite places. I love to walk to there if I am visiting downtown Camden. So beautiful and peaceful--thanks for posting on a familiar and beloved spot.

  9. Absolutely loving the last three pics! Love the green, golden tones and the fog

  10. Thank you to everyone for your comments with my apologies for not responding sooner!

    home before dark ~ We will be going past Aldermere Farm soon and I hope to see the little mini oreos! Have finally uploaded a card FULL to my computer. Lots of work to do...meanwhile cases of wine arrive daily :-)

    Jane and Lance Hattatt ~ Your lovely comment landed on my blog like a spring day in Maine! Thank you so much for your kind words and for your interest. I am looking forward to stopping by your blog very soon. Typically, I am blogging, but I still haven't unpacked!

    Dilettante ~ I would have said spring is here, but Peter just read the weather forecast out loud. Let's face it, May is a winter month.

    Rain and Mike ~ I love being connected to towns and sights with fellow Mainers! It's wonderful to see places we love through everyone's eyes.

    de engineur ~ Sincere thanks! Those early summer colors in Maine are a joy to photograph. Thank you so much for stopping by!


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