Thursday, April 14, 2011

Signs of Spring

Cold Breeze 03

Photo taken in late March, a cold breeze blowing off the lake in Trumbull, Connecticut. Shortly after, a weather system blew in with sleet, snow and freezing rain. It was New England's bone chilling tease.

Tiny flowers sprout in the lawn and swelling buds appear against a warm blue sky. It happened almost overnight.

Spring receded with every mile between Connecticut and Maine. The daffodils disappeared and blooming forsythia furled into tight buds. By the time we arrived in Kittery there were patches of snow under shady pines. I don't mind at all, how glorious it is to anticipate this miracle once again.


  1. That's just what I was going to say! It will happen all over again before your eyes, and that is just grand! Welcoming spring always makes me really, really look. And that beats almost anything else I might have in mind to do. Enjoy!

  2. these are wonderful! perfectly New England spring!

  3. And the older I get the more miraculous the spring seems. Here it is well advanced.

  4. Mike ~ This time of the year is so special in Maine. The whole summer lies before us...and spring, when it arrives, bursts into vibrant color. Everything blooms at once, it's extraordinary, I've never seen that anywhere but here.

    Linda ~ You will remember Maine springs from your childhood in Machias! Spring blossoms and salt air!

    Blue ~ I couldn't agree more! It is an uncomplicated season with no major Holidays...just beauty and wonderful scents. Our winters are so long and the landscape's palette is very minimal. It is incredible when Maine bursts into bloom.


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