Sunday, April 10, 2011


Connecticut Fog

The light misty fog in Connecticut is like a thin veil brushing trees in the woods behind the house. Tall thin trunks lose their detail, but nevertheless are silhouetted in the soft gray morning. So different from Maine's thick cocoon that rolls in to envelope you in an atmosphere as dense as gray felt.

Goodbye rainy New Hampshire, hello foggy Maine!

Our son is finally home from a long visit in Australia and we will soon cross this bridge from New Hampshire to Maine. Is it my imagination, or does the air, scented with pine and salt, really change?

"Expect fog on the coast today"

The fog in Maine.


  1. I loved the trees in mist and then I saw the one with grass, fence and mist - a delight. Absolute delight!

  2. Love, love this last photo. Thanks!

  3. It is not your imagination. Crossing the bridge to Maine changes everything for the better! It is improving by the day here--in small but real ways. Lovely photos!

  4. Blue ~ Thank you! There is a difference in the fog in Maine and this is the season for it. A photographer's dream and, no doubt, there will be many more pictures to follow.

    Barbara ~ Thank you so much. We have been gone so long and will be going to California in less than a week. Soon after, I hope to finally catch up with dear friends.

    Mike ~ Even though we are not home for very long, crossing the bridge into Maine always makes my heart soar! Last night's soaking brought today's warm sun...and it's still light outside. Heaven! Thank you for your kind comment.


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