Saturday, May 28, 2011

From the Forest.....To the Shore

Jenner, California 01
Jenner, California

We made our way from our morning amongst the towering redwoods and the leafy emerald forest to Jenner, on the coast. It took no longer than a twenty-five minute drive from the unique micro climate of Armstrong Woods to the windswept shore with its necklace of wildflowers.

In Jenner, we sampled varieties of oysters that tasted like deep, cold salt water and sipped sparkling wine while looking out at the view above.




We drove, slowly, back to Guerneville, the tall trees and the embrace of misty green foliage.


  1. Hello:
    What a wonderful seascape. And, how beautiful it is when the land falls away naturally to the sea without a sign of urban development in sight. Perfect!

  2. Great pictures and words: I can smell it from here! Here's a link to Soodie Beasley's blog where she posted the most amazing picture of Kansas City in storm mode in case your pun-stealing brother did not send this your way.

  3. Jane & Lance ~ You are right, the area is very unspoiled, Perhaps, because of so many foggy days. Many people prefer to live a few miles inland...closer to the grape vines and warm sunshine. We saw many houses, boarded up and condemned, hanging by a mere whisper over the water, victim to landslides. I think we are lucky to have our rockbound coast in Maine.

    home before dark ~ What has happened in your part of the country is a terrible tragedy. I watch the weather everyday and tweet "stay safe" to my "pun stealing brother" over and over. You are also on my "worry list!"

    I will scoot over to Soodie Beasley's blog now!


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