Monday, May 9, 2011

Bella the Wine Dog ~ Day 2

Those who know me won't be surprised by the dog angle in our wine country tour! Meet Petroni's fourteen year old Bella in her Easter finery. Most wineries, we saw, had dogs of all varieties and sizes on the premises. Bella, huge and gentle, was my favorite.

We were attracted by Petroni's magnificent setting, high in the mountains. Notice the steep slope of the vineyard.

Originally built as a summer house for the owner, the wine tasting site felt like home...even more so because we were joined by our dear Mere Point friend, "KRL."

The tasting room.

While on the subject of dogs, "KRL" is very involved with an organization devoted to the rescue of German Shorthair Pointers (NOR Cal GSP Rescue) in northern California. Their wine label was designed from a photo I took of KRL's Caddy in Maine. With 92 photos, he has long been my muse! And because we missed Cooper terribly, while we were away, please click here!


  1. Loved them all—hot dog! Perhaps a ghost of Smila's smile? I'm surprised you did not tuck one of those little guys in your carryon. Cooper may need a pal after all of this socializing he's been doing. Adore the name—and the dog—Caddy. Calling for Caddy would be like reliving some of the lines of Sound and the Fury. I've also been partial to "Heathcliff." Used to scream it on top of mountains just to hear the echo. Former fiance thought it was "strange." Current husband of almost 36 years would have thought it wonderful...if we didn't have to climb a mountain to hear it.

  2. oh, it's been way to long since I've visited! I can see why Bella was your favorite- such a sweet face! beautiful photos and wine?? does it get any better? well, maybe if your sweet pup had been there;)
    hope all is well in Maine!

  3. Sounds a wonderful place. Welcome back Carol. Have a great week.

  4. Hello home before dark and June! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I am blogging on the run these days.

    Cooper hasn't met Caddy yet, but he will in the very near future as we are making plans to open the cottage. Caddy will arrive (seemingly out of nowhere), airborne, huge muddy paws and massive pink tongue flapping, to let us know summer has arrived. Hoping I'll have the presence of mind to have my camera in hand for his introduction to the little dachshund!

    home before dark ~ Heathcliff should be screamed from a mountaintop...every syllable a sad plaintive echo!

  5. Joan ~ Thank you! I am looking forward to seeing how your addition is progressing. The lovely antique house must be creaking in anticipation of spring!


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