Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From doodles to Painting with Pixels

Yesterday's post of small doodles of Cooper and Caddy was an amusing experiment of trying to coordinate an IPad app and posting to my blog. What continues to intrigue me is the line between processing photos and drawing and painting. I snapped the images below while we were in California. I don't consider them good photography, but I did love the blur and sense of motion in the originals and thought a few tools and tweaks would enhance the feeling.



To fly!


  1. So interesting!! Technology is so fascinating!! Thanks so for the kind words about my health! Feel so much better and sure do look at the world differently-enjoy every little thing-even another day of rain today is ok these days!! Have a great day!!~~Rain

  2. Rain ~ It is such a relief to know you are feeling better! Hope you've been spared the worst of today's storms. I'm in southern Maine right now and, amazingly, just witnessed a stunning sunset. Wish I could send it your way.


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