Friday, June 3, 2011

Near and Far

Purple 03

Two views of wild lupine growing at the water's edge on the California coast. I love experimenting with depth of field and the way it changes the mood of an image. Both scenes were shot from the same vantage point.

Purple 01

Here, a sense of place. Hardy weekenders braving stiff winds are barely visible and further out, bobbing in the waves, are surfers clad in full body wetsuits.

Fenced 02

I shot this almost as an afterthought, intrigued by the old lichen crusted post and the way the focus altered the landscape, giving it a mysterious wild feeling.

Fenced 01

This barren landscape with its scruffy grass and yellow wildflowers first caught my eye. I loved the interest of the weathered post and wire fencing.


  1. Hello:
    These are wonderful images of land and sea seen, in our view, at their best with fields and flowers falling to the water's edge. How lovely to have this unspoilt coastline within reach of your home.

    Once, driving through the Czech Republic in June, we were delighted to see the sides of the country lanes massed with wild lupins. We had never seen them wild before and here they are with you too!

  2. Hello Jane & Lance, The California coast was a joy to photograph, and very different from my own rockbound shore in Maine...although we do share an abundance of fog and lupine. Our lupine is only just beginning to bloom.

  3. beautiful images... love the Cali coast!

  4. And So I Whisper ~ Thank you so much!

    Punctuation Mark ~ Thank you, I loved it too and wish we could have stayed longer!

  5. Gaye ~ Perhaps not for everyone, but I've always liked my most impulsive photos best.


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