Monday, June 27, 2011

Unexpected History Lesson

JCB and her gentleman arrived in Maine, Friday, under gray skies which persisted through the weekend. What we craved was a pile of mussels and a steaming bowl of fish chowder at the Dolphin Restaurant on Harpswell neck. It's more fun to go by boat, but the inclement weather dictated a drive on loopy coastal roads. As we dashed out the door, I wondered...bring camera? It was a very unattractive day. I grabbed it anyway remembering to insert a fresh battery.

The Harpswell Meeting House is on the way and I have photographed that lovely old building and peaceful burying ground many times. The site is usually occupied with a handful of people wandering amongst the worn stones reading the names and dates of the early inhabitants and a few photographers, capturing a fine example of old New England. On this day, the Meeting House doors were thrown open and there was a crowd assembled on the lawn.

American Revolutionary War Reenactor 05

The scarlet jacket first caught my eye, quickly followed by the pop and a puff of smoke from a musket. I often see Civil War reenactors, but this was my first encounter with American Revolutionary War reenactors and what a dedicated group of people they are!





Wonderful examples of attention to detail!

American Revolutionary War Reenactors 02

American Revolutionary War Reenactor 04


A young woman tries her hand with a musket.

Lesson matter how dreary the day, never leave your camera behind!


  1. Hello:
    How very splendid, and colourful, all of this appears to be. We are not entirely convinced, though, about casually handing people muskets to try!

  2. Hope you have a pleasant visit! I wouldn't want to run into the top gentleman in a dark alley!

  3. Jane and Lance ~ The musket was all noise, smoke and no projectiles. The people were delightful and the clothes were amazing.

    Stefan ~ It was unexpected and a lot of fun. Yes, the top gentleman might have been terrifying in other circumstances.


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