Saturday, June 18, 2011

By the Blue Window


There are times when I walk into a room and am transported by the light. At the Angéle Restaurant in Napa, California, light poured through the blue framed windows and spilled across the sills and table. Light sparked off utensils and pooled around the potted plants. It was the subtle light of a sky with fat fluffy clouds.


There were no dramatic captures here. A simple plate, a piece of bread and the white expanse of a paper covered bistro table spoke of contentment and a sense of well-being.


We stayed awhile, sipping wine, and the light slid in somewhere between morning and dusk.


  1. Hello Carol:
    Yes, we can understand the fascination of light which you write about here. A special moment captured on camera. Lovely!

  2. You couldn't, as far as I am concerned, have posted a more beautiful trio of pictures. A delight!

  3. And, painting window sash blue has always been a favorite of mine. Really charming.

  4. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello Jane & Lance ~ Thank you! I imagine the spaces you inhabit filled with lovely natural light.

    Blue ~ Many many thanks..

    Dilettante ~ Thank you! We don't really see that often in Maine.

    Toyin O ~ Thank you so much for stopping by with your kind comment!


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