Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mere Point Seasons

Another summer season has begun and we have been busy opening the cottage in preparation for the arrival of family and friends. This is where we live for nearly four months of the year. It is simple living in a location blessed with beautiful views. I would rather be on Mere Point than anywhere else on least until winter! In winter I want to hurry home to the thicker walls of the old Victorian farmhouse.

I've spent the last few days teasing my Mere Point photos away from a bloated set of Maine images on my Flickr page. It has been an interesting and, occasionally, demoralizing exercise.  I could go back and edit the unsuccessful shots, but have decided to leave the record of my photography attempts through the seasons in a place I love. Obvious to me are the results from the year my glasses prescription was sadly out-of-date, or the time my computer screen faded. The latter happened so slowly and subtly that  I wasn't even aware of it.

It was fascinating to scroll through the months, to track the angle of the sun and travel through the translucent greens of spring to the rusty golds of autumn. Below is a selection from my week's time travel.


The grass is always in need of cutting when we arrive in spring...a task made so much harder by the delicate carpet of bluets.

Looking toward Sister's Island

The first tender greens of new leaves at the end of the point.

Nancy Drew and a fairy wand

A fairy wand and a collection of Nancy Drew, sweet reminders from previous summers.

Lupine on the shore

A day inside....

Lupine at the edge of the bank and a rain spattered window, so typical of June. Even now, the days can be raw and chilly and there are few boats in the water.

Cottage window

Day lilies brighten the view from the cottage window in July.

The Dinghy

In July, there are soft summery evenings and sunsets over coppery water, still as glass.

The Open Window

Morning Calm

Open windows welcome warm August breezes and the morning calm of the bay.

The Autumn Garden 03

A Touch of Fall 02

The light changes and the colors deepen in autumn. Our time left on Mere Point is now numbered by the hours.

The frozen shore

Afternoon Light

On a winter's visit, the bay is frozen although the sun is golden on the trees and fence along the dirt road in front of the cottage. The wind is fierce and bites through the layers of sweaters and jackets we are wearing. The house looks empty and forlorn. We hurry back to the warmth of the car.


  1. Hello:
    What an absolutely idyllic place in which to spend the summer. It must be such a wrench to leave at the end of the season.

    Your sequence of images gives a very good impression of both place and time as the year slowly progresses. We think that we should love it, and no less so in winter [apart from the intense cold].

  2. Yet, for all the beauty, and there's so much in these photographs, the one that speaks the most softly to me is the open casement in a shadowy interior. For me, at least, the best art creates a narrative beyond the overt - in other words, I love it for reasons I can't quite put my finger on.

  3. You have me yearning for Maine. Lovely, lovely.

  4. Barbara ~ Thank you, I am so happy you enjoyed it!

    Jane and Lance ~ Thank you! There were many years when we had to leave Maine at the end of the least, now, we can stay...if not on Mere Point.

    Blue ~ The open window has always been a favorite of mine too...thank you.

    Stefan ~ Perhaps someday you can see it. The cottage architecture has an interesting story.

    Polly ~ Thank you! We should have a library gathering...

  5. Wow, that looks like such a beautiful spot! :)

  6. Beautiful photos!! I might have seen you at the Blue Hill Farmers Market this morning and not have known!!?!!! Have a great weekend!!~Rain

  7. Thank you Rain! Ha! You didn't see a big yellow lab at the Farmer's Market? We have actually migrated south to midcoast and have our daughter and husband visiting...and will soon be bursting at the seams when my son & tribe arrive.


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