Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shore Scents

Fwd: Sketchbook


  1. Hello Carol:
    So much to see, so much to sniff, so much sand and so much sea. Must be summer!

  2. You know, I just love these little Cooper art forays. Please keep them coming. I am sure you are raising Cooper to be just as lovely and inquisitive as your daughter.

  3. Love it Carol!! Cooper is going to love the beach-still a little cool there most days though!! Have a great day!!~~Rain

  4. Hello Jane and Lance ~ These are heady times for a dog from Michigan!

    Barbara ~ Your friendship with Janet means so much to both of us!

    I'm so happy you are enjoying the "Cooper Doodles!" I've had so much fun with them (and his funny little shape.) Perhaps next...his obsession with chipmunks!

    Rain ~ Thank you! Cooper is thoroughly intimidated by the waves, but you are right, a hot day may change everything!

  5. Can't wait for him to find his first horseshoe crab.

  6. Janet ~ Hopefully we can share that experience when you are here!


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