Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

Healdsburg, California

This touching memorial is in the town square of Healdsburg, California. It is tucked out of the way in a corner of the small park yet, as I watched, many people stopped in front of it to spend a quiet moment. I took quite a few pictures experimenting with angles and light, trying to capture the essence of the artist's interpretation. I later added the antique finish.


  1. Hello:
    Rather strangely, as this sculpture is in California, the style bears some slight resemblance to that of Socialst Realism to be found all over Eastern Europe. But perhaps that is just as we see it.

  2. Hello Jane & Lance ~ An interesting comment. Confess there is a huge gap in my knowledge of Eastern Europe as our travels have never taken us in that direction. Hopefully someday.


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