Saturday, May 28, 2011



Just trying a little test post as I have not been able to login to Blogger for days (still can't, but I have somehow arrived here through my Bookmarks.) Arrgh! Have missed being in touch with everyone and hope you have not been badly affected by the recent glitches. Hooray and cheers if this works!


  1. I lost a post last week but was able to repost thanks to le style et la matiere.

    A friend had been unable to get into blogger this week but I have had no problems with it.

  2. Blue ~ I'm so glad you have been spared the frustration. Received late night tweets from my daughter, JCB, because she was unable to post comments. Blogger won't recognize my url when I try to login and asks if I want to create a new blog instead and the help section is baffling :-(

  3. I think Blogger might be suffering from overload! Not that's any help to you.


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