Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Trouble with Raw Faith

"Raw Faith" socked in by fog on Maquoit Bay, Brunswick, Maine, 2 June 2010.
Occasionally I go into my Flickr stats just to see who is looking at my photos. There were a large number of views today on a series of images of the "Raw Faith" that I photographed last June. I wrote an earlier blog post on this picturesque old wreck. Now, after following the Flickr link, I find her crew has just been rescued at sea (again!) and, whether or not she can be towed and salvaged one more time, remains to be seen. You can see the story and videos of the rescue here.

Update: 9 December 2010, "Raw Faith Sinks at Sea"


  1. Yup. I would have taken more photos when we had it moored in front of the cottage! Sad story.

  2. That's a shame about the boat Carol. Hope you are keeping well.
    Regards June.


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