Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Droid post!

The first from my phone!

A very old photo of my beloved lab, Smilla, taken with the first mobile phone I ever owned. It is now my buddy icon on Flickr. We lost her two years ago today...and I still miss her.

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  1. I think there is nothing sweeter than the smile of a yellow lab. I have never owned a lab but am absolutely gaga when they pass my way. Not being truly fond of snakes, I have said that the green/yellow snake that is living in my rock wall has the smile of a yellow lab! Love to hear Smila stories if you care to share.

  2. You inspire the dogfriendly droidfriend in me to try this sometime. My present dog's uncle was virtually raised by - certainly, socialised by - a lab friend who taught him manners and swimming at the beach. But when they shake off the surf, one needs to be dressed for it!

  3. Sweet Smilla, I miss her too. But, I am looking forward to some Droid photos of a new member of the dog family.

  4. home before dark ~ That was the kindest comment...and be careful of what you wish! I could write volumes of Smilla stories. She was one of the most intelligent and complex of all the dogs we've ever known.

    Laurent ~ I will look forward to the results! I love my new droid camera...especially the free app, "retro camera!" I'll post one of my shih tzu...the effect is like a charcoal drawing! And yes, I have been soaked after rainy days and walks on the beach!

    Janet ~ I can't wait either...especially after the gentleman said Cooper POSES! Shiner always runs away :-(


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