Monday, December 27, 2010

Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum 01

The enterprising gentleman searches for a hot buttered rum recipe on his iphone, locates the rum and some other esoteric bits of kitchen equipment and provides us all with the perfect blizzard antidote!

Hot Buttered Rum 02

Hot Buttered Rum 03

Warm and cozy, we are feeling particularly grateful because the massive storm that has made its way up the coast has delayed their departure for a day!

JCB Photographing a winter wonderland!

JCB makes the ultimate sacrifice for art by going out into the storm with her her blog for some beautiful shots! "No pain, no gain" she said to me as I stayed behind in a warm kitchen with a cuddly dachshund curled up asleep on my lap!

I have been asked about Cooper's reaction when he saw his beloved gentleman. The scene was priceless as the newly weds walked through the door and it went something like this...

Cooper clatters across the front hall floor, all 13 pounds of dachshund prepared to bravely defend his new territory. A roadrunner skid, "it's Joel!!!!" He spins around, runs toward us looking over his shoulder saying "Hey! You have to meet these cool new people" and then, "you know each other?!" It was as if he grasped the perfect symmetry of the situation. A small Christmas miracle!


  1. I may or may not believe in miracles haven't reached a position on this one, but I do believe in dogs. Perhaps Cooper should write a book about his adventures in a new land. The snow is staggeringly beautiful.

    ps my word verification was wife or gone wireless?

  2. home before dark ~ Ha! Your word verification covers the waterfront! I think Cooper will have a strong presence on smilla4blogs....he's quite proud of himself, he climbed Blue Hill mountain with the shih tzu Christmas eve day (she's still not impressed.) To be continued...

  3. aww, I was going to climb the mountain on Christmas day, and I overslept, darnit. I think we'll need stilts to do it after this snow dump.

    It was great fun having a blogger summit with y'all last night (although much embarrassed am I by how much more about myself I was after that third glass. *bad dilettante*

    --many thanks.

  4. My verification word was 'valister', as in discretion is the better part of valister?

  5. Yummy, I LOVE hot buttered rum; The gentleman just keeps outdoing himself! Have you heard about the special treat he made me? It was delicious!
    Love the story about Cooper, I can just imagine it!

  6. Dilettante ~ "Valister" has been whirring around in my head...and all I can think of are ubiquitous "balloon curtains" and window treatments! It was great to see you, even if you did try to take out the ficus trees with my kilim pillows!

    Stefan ~ You MUST insist on the gentleman's hot buttered rum drinks when next you visit! And no! I have not heard about the special treat!

    P & I, Cooper and surly shih tzu are all in CT. joining forces with grandchildren and their two (female) dachshunds who have utterly worn him out with their enthusiasm!


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