Tuesday, December 21, 2010

For "home before dark"

Someone's going to have a great Christmas!

I think we can forget about the "backpack full of books!" It would seem Cooper has plans for a very Merry Christmas! Please click on the image to view larger and to see the tags.


  1. OK, maybe he's just trying to impress the pet rock with hair (just love that!) that even beautiful men have a wild side...and good taste. The very best of this season to you and yours. I don't have to wish you a new year full of adventures...!

  2. Oh my! Talk about adjusting to new surroundings! He's gotten very comfortable with you very fast indeed...

  3. home before dark ~ I think you are right. Cooper's latest trick is a hit and run body slam just as pet rock does a particularly arrogant tail swish. No wonder he got out the scotch! We all raise our glasses to you and your loved ones for a very happy Holiday!

    Dilettante ~ Oh yes!

  4. LOL....Good job he couldn't get the top off the bottle. We have a terrier, and he gets up to mischief too .

    Have a great Christmas, and a good New Year.
    Hugs from June xx

  5. June ~ We're lucky his focus was on the box, but the vision of a good single malt scotch on the dog bed was just too funny!

    Wishing you (and the little terrier!) a very happy and mischief-free Christmas! Hugs back!



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