Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Create a Blog" ~ Reflections on blogging for one year

My mother wanted to know what it was about blogging that I found attractive and I said, in part, I enjoyed the challenge of consistently writing posts while trying to keep them which she replied, "that sounds awful." My father, as usual, cut to the chase and said blogging is a form of egotism and in his opinion, everyone else writes for money (although I noticed he did like my Father's Day post.) It wasn't as harsh as it sounds, but it did get me thinking about the past year.

My daughter's blog is an inspiration and I pop in daily to delight in her beautiful photography as well as her links to an outside world not found in rural Maine. For the uninitiated and not particularly computer savvy, the blogger world is an exotic country, a bazaar, if you will, of endless delights one click after another. I was in awe of the technology that made this possible. Many in my generation have not ventured further than work application and email. We are still wary of our privacy even though it no longer exists as we once knew it...some have made the leap to facebook, fewer to blogger and twitter. So here's my confession! In the midst of last year's Christmas rush, my eye happened to land on "create a blog" at the top of JCB's page and, on a whim, I clicked. Many frustrating hours later I had my first clunky little was my "Alice in Wonderland" fall through the rabbit hole moment. I wish I could say a noble vision got me here, but really it was simple curiosity. As for ego? It was pretty much in tatters and I doubt anyone takes this fork in the road with complete confidence.

From the beginning, I did know there were two things I wanted to do. I had nearly three thousand photographs in my Flicker stream that represented a personal journey. I fell in love the moment I first picked up a digital camera and I wanted to share my discovery. Flickr has been a wonderful resource and I treasure the friends I have made and their invaluable comments. I found blogging enhances and clarifies by fleshing out the whole story behind the images and, in time, my blog became a necessary part of the whole creative process. I've also been blessed with some extraordinary experiences in places that are not fully understood. I've lived with these memories for years and it was time to give a face to the people who populate my past, particularly my beloved Goli. I'm still working out how to do that with every post.

Some thank JCB for opening the window. To my parents (ages 89 and 95!) for the pleasure of a lively debate. I am so grateful for that and to have them in my life. To my son, John, who has the most wonderful way of explaining what I should have learned about computers years ago! To my brother for hours of 'tele-encouragement!' To Peter for everything.


  1. You have given your readers much more than wonderful photographs, you have given us your spirit and vision and friendship.

  2. Whilst we're on the subject of thanks, mine to you for one of the most pleasurable blogs of the last year - actually, ever. Brilliant!

    Oh, and congratulations on the one year anniversary!

  3. I admire your spunk and your willingness to try on the new while caring deeply for the old. And, by the way, here's to the great gene pool you swim in!

  4. Little did I know, one year ago, when I clicked "create blog" I would meet such wonderful and welcoming people. This new world is as fascinating and complex as any country I ever visited and, looking back, it was the wisest click I ever made! Barbara, Blue and home before dark, thank you very much for your comments, they mean so much to me!

    Peter and I are now on our way to Boston to pick up Cooper (flying east from Michigan... weather permitting.) He is the gentleman's dachshund, who is coming to live with us in Maine. With luck, I'll post an account of our introduction in Logan's cargo area from the road. Wish us luck...and safe travels for Cooper!

  5. Gosh,I didn't realize that yours came so soon after mine--I just posted my anniversary a couple of days ago. I've absolutely loved your blog from the beginning,and must disagree with your father about egotism---you show none in your thoughtful and lovely posts. Cheers and all that from your fellow Blue Hill Blogger.

    And on another note,I'm smiling about the computer skills remark---you know why :-)

  6. And with the click of a button, she was off and running. Congrats mom! And keep up the good work.

  7. Dilettante ~ Thank you, very kind words! Loved your anniversary post. It sparkles, just as they have from the beginning, a year ago.

    Oh, I know...couldn't you just throttle me after all that time of not having an email address :D



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