Monday, September 12, 2011

The Trip Home

The Captain's View

I've been so absorbed by activity on the Sea Swallow that it is only after the lobsters are banded and the captain and his sternman tidy up the gear, that I take a moment to appreciate the scenery around us. Even though it is a gray and overcast day, the harbor is beautiful and there are many boats on the water. I love this view of the schooner through the captain's salt-spray spattered window.

View from the Sea

An interesting contrast of a motor boat with its powerful wake and the schooner in the distance.

The Trip Home

One of the sights in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

Sailboat Reflections

Sailboats on their moorings come into view as we approach the dock to disembark.

Picturesque Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Boothbay Harbor looking like a doll's village from the water.

Southport Island, Maine

The next best thing after catching lobsters is eating them, so we return to an old favorite haunt, Robinson's Wharf on Southport Island. I strike a deal with the birthday boy who has persuaded me to trade my claws for his lobster tail. It was only last summer when he took his first suspicious bite! We all tuck into a pile of steamers.

This is the view from Robinson's wharf.

Messy (happy!)

...and finally, dessert at the Roundtop Creamery in Damariscotta, Maine caps an unforgettable day.


  1. Marvelous posts

    And now I'm craving some Round top ice cream...looks as if I will be heading down route 1, darn you!

  2. Dilettante ~ Thank you! Have you seen how many flavors they have?!! We should be grateful it's not closer to our town!


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