Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chebeague Island Inn ~ in Black and White

Old Lab 01

I always think of Maine in color, except for the bleakest winter months. Every season has a distinct palette and angle of light and the subtle variations can take your breath away. The warm wood tones inside the Chebeague Inn are beautiful, glowing on the day we visit, from sunlight that spills through the oversize windows and doors. Strangely, the rooms translate to black and white in my mind, Perhaps it is the timeless atmosphere and the quiet leisurely activity within.

I notice a very old Lab lounging on the spacious, wicker furnished porch. He never glances our way and I suppose he has already seen too many people pass through the inn doors to bother with a greeting the way a younger dog would.

Chebeague Island Inn 03

Light pours through the door and lovely fan window illuminating some of the reception area details. I don't use a flash because it will burn out the inky shadow that I like so much, but it makes the image less clear.

Girl on a Laptop

A young girl stares intently at her laptop, the only nod to the present in the room. The scene is back lighted from sunshine streaming through the large windows. There is even a suggestion of the view beyond.

Chebeague Island Inn 02

Perhaps an overflow dining room? I'm pleased it is not in use so I could photograph the shadows on the outside stairs and the twinkle of light on the stemmed glasses.

Old Lab 02

The old Lab walks through the door looking for a place to ease the aches and twinges of age. As he does so, the light outlines his frailty and even the tumor on his side. They all get them eventually. The Labs' fate, in black and white.


  1. Hello:
    You are right that this particular place does lend itself to the wonderfully evocative, almost Chandleresque, atmosphere of the black and white images. We are sure that we should love to visit the Inn and were hoping from your previous post that you would afford us a peek at the interior.

    But, we are left in sadness thinking of the old Labrador. We hope that he has had a life of doggy pleasures and, of course, but know that he has enjoyed amazingly beautiful scenery upon which to gaze each day.

  2. Hello Jane & Lance,

    I'm pleased you feel the same way as I about the choice of black and white for the inn's interior shots. Thank you.

    it has been just over two years since we lost our own lovely those scenes were close to home and the heart.


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