Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer's End

The White Chair

Our small summer colony is drifting away, one by one, leaving unmistakable signs of the season's end. It begins with the children who are bundled into the car with their parents, heading home, for a new school year. When the goldenrod first appears, I know it is six weeks til frost and slowly, but surely, the days are growing shorter. The sun sets a full two hours earlier than it did in June. Candles twinkle in the cottage when the afterglow dims. It's cozy and quiet; I call this time our contraband days.

In the photo above, the view through the window reveals a glimpse of a solitary white chair. The occupants are gone, leaving only the wash of afternoon sun.

Shadow Paint

New shadows appear on the cottage clapboard as the sun's angle shifts across the water and through the trees.

September Color

The color of autumn on a walk around the point.

Summer's End

A lazy late summer's day on a cottage porch.

Leave Parents at Home

...and a little cottager humor!

High Tech Boat Cleaner

Photo included for my friends, Lib and Kath, as dinghies are hauled, scrubbed and readied for winter.

Take Me with You

The dogs know all the signs of departure. Some whine and prance excitedly, tails wagging, their sharp barks piercing the air. Others, like this old Lab wait patiently, hoping not to be forgotten.


  1. Hello Carol:
    Oh dear, there is a touch of sadness to this post which really does appear to confirm that summer is over for another year. As you say, the evenings are appreciably darker now, as are the mornings, and all thoughts cannot but turn towards the year's end.

    But, for us here the temperature is still very much around 25C and so we are still enjoying warm sunny, but shorter, days.

  2. Hello Jane and Lance ~ It is always hard to see our summers slip away and know our time at the cottage is coming to a close. In a few weeks we will pack everything away, cover the furniture and drain the pipes knowing it will be 7 or 8 months before we are back. That said, it is also wonderful to go back to a "real" house that is warm with considerably more amenities!

    I'm so happy you are enjoying summer warmth and sun!

  3. Hi Carol--So true! Going to spend our last weekend down to camp-Blue Hill-Toddy Pond! Hate to see the season end! Beautiful photos !! especially the first and the sign is perfect! Must see if my cousin will paint one for me-says so much!!!

  4. Rain ~ Thank you so much! Toddy Pond is lovely...it must be spectacular with the beginning of autumn foliage. I loved the sign too...wonderful if your cousin can paint one for you. You must post the finished result!


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