Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Dazzling Sky and Blueberries in My Wine

Blueberries in my Wine 03

Blueberries in my Wine 01

Sky! 02

sky! 01

Sky! 03

A glass of wine with a wild Maine blueberry, or two, and an evening sky that looks like a canvass of vivid color. The palette changes from minute to minute...and I want to hold every minute close and never let it go.

We will soon be traveling south to meet up with JCB and her gentleman for a few days. Joy!


  1. Hello Carol:
    A perfect combination as these wonderful images show.

    Have a lovely break with, we hope, good weather. Safe journey.

  2. Two perfect combos!! Mmmmmm........ well'll remember this a few months from now Carol......!

  3. September sky in Maine! Can't be beat. Beautiful, Carol!

  4. Jane and Lance ~ Many many thanks! I have a particular fondness for shooting through glass...and if there's wine in the glass, all the better!

    Rain ~ Thank you! In the depths of Mud Season, we should all do a summer post...and remember!

    Mike ~ Thank you! Don't you think September is one of the loveliest months in Maine? Especially this year!


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