Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Out Lobsterin #2

Green and White

Every lobster/man/woman's buoys have a distinct color. My favorites are the pink and white buoys I see from time to time while out on our boat!

Bait Bags

Cage fills the bait bags to replace the empties as the traps are hauled in. We ask if he's seen more women working on the boats in recent years. "Yeah, there are some cute ones, I go stupid when I see 'em."

Baited Lobster Trap
Baited lobstertrap

Over it Goes!

Trap after trap is emptied of its catch. Fresh bait is added and Cage slides the traps to the stern and into the water again. The motion is smooth and very fast and this is the moment you do not want to get caught up in the line that connects the traps.

Baiting the Lobster Traps
What have we caught here?

Measuring the Carapace.

Captain Clive measures the carapace. Lobster fishing is highly regulated and there is a small margin of "keepers." Over and undersized lobsters are quickly tossed back into the water.

More to follow!


  1. I think that's a new Maine phrase "go stupid"!! Love it !! Beautiful photos!

  2. Hi Rain! I loved it too and I bet those Maine "sternwomen" are pretty darn cute! Thank you very much!


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