Friday, September 23, 2011

Boat Dog

The Lab in the Whaler

Photo taken this summer from Dennett's Wharf in Castine, Maine.

Some of Maine's iconic images are lighthouses, lobster boats, crashing surf on rock ledge, wild blueberries. lupine in June, sparkling white houses in seaside villages and the boat dog...particularly a yellow Lab on the bow of a Boston Whaler. I've always wanted a boat dog!

Cooper on the Dock Boat Dog!

Since our homecoming, we've nurtured and raised three dogs from puppyhood to the last tearful goodbye. All three hated boats with a passion...until Cooper, the gentleman's mini-dachshund we adopted last December. We let him find his own way along the shore in the beginning. Seaweed, smells, shells, the taste of salt water and slippery rocks were novel sensations. He scampered up the bank full throttle the first time a wave splashed his paws one early spring day. He soon grew bolder with each excursion outside. In time, Cooper clattered up and down the dock in a heroic effort to keep up with the children. When Cooper started jumping in the dinghies, we knew he was ready. We had a boat dog!

Island Dog

Ears flying, Cooper explores rock ledge on a small Maine island. It's a whole new world waiting to be discovered by boat!

So Little...

He looks so small on his little island kingdom!

No, we're not friends!

...and there are strange inhabitants!

Boat Rescue

While we were less than thrilled during a recent boat rescue when our motor died, a jubilant Cooper is clearly in his element...actually grinning with happiness! Now, when we say "boat" a streaking wiener dog races to the dock!

This post is for our dearest friends, "the Butters", a constant inspiration and who have always had a boat dog!


  1. Hello:
    Cooper the boat dog does indeed look adorable. So strange that water for some animals is a horror and for others it is a great adventure. How wonderful that you can all enjoy messing about on boats together!!!

  2. Hello Jane and Lance ~ I suppose dogs are a lot like people in that respect. Actually, our other dogs liked the water, but disliked the idea of jumping into a rocking vessel..they didn't like us in the boat either!


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